• All controlled with one app
  • Start with more power from your panels
  • High efficiency
    battery backup
  • Use it in
    more places
  • Future Proof
  • Universal
    EV Charger







Group 252@2x



More Power

Power optimizers and the SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter deliver best-in-class efficiency and that means more power. More savings.

  • It's like a week of FREE power every year you run your system.
  • Add more panels, backup and EV charging as your family's needs change. Future-proof.
  • Save more money and sell more power back to your utility with record-breaking efficiency.

Grid Goes Off. Life Goes On.

From partial to full-house backup SolarEdge Home Battery is there.

  • With best-in-class battery efficiency you use and store more power.
  • Backup more switches, sockets, and heavy appliances in an outage with up to 30% more power than any other battery.
  • Add multiple batteries for extended outage power and greater year-round savings.
  • See how easy it is to live uninterrupted.
  • Extend outage protection by connecting multiple batteries.
  • Keep electric bills low by using more stored energy and less grid.
  • Stay confident with an industry-leading warranty.

You’re in Control

mySolarEdge is the smart, easy to use app that puts you in control of your energy from battery backup to EV car charging.

  • See the savings and monitor the power you produce from every panel.
  • Keep bills low with real-time monitoring.
  • Weather Guard monitors storm activity and automatically maximizes home backup so you're covered in an outage.   

A great ecosystem starts with
great components


Start with Power Optimizers

SolarEdge DC-Optimized Technology

  • Generate more power from each module and overcome shading
  • Avoid module-level power clipping to produce more power
  • Monitor the power from every panel in the mySolarEdge app

Other Systems

  • No DC power optimization, means less power when panels are shaded
  • Clip power at the panel level resulting in lost power and lower efficiency

SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter

The award-winning SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter delivers record-breaking efficiency and more power from your system.

  • Built-in intelligence and automation means you can centrally control your entire system. From battery backup to car charging.
  • Future-proof design allows you to add devices without costly labor fees and electrical upgrades.
  • Simple, intuitive controls through the mySolarEdge app.

SolarEdge Home Battery

Partial or full-home backup when and where you need it.

  • Backup more switches and sockets with up to 30% more power than legacy battery technology.
  • Best-in-class 94.5% efficiency means more power from your battery.
  • Connect up to three SolarEdge Home Batteries per inverter for unmatched storage and backup.
  • Weather Guard identifies when a storm is coming and charges the battery – automatically.

SolarEdge Home EV Charger

Fuel up on sunshine and low cost grid power while avoiding the pump.

  • Easily connect to your SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter or simply plug-and-charge using a 240V outlet.
  • Save by smart-scheduling your charging when rates are low.
  • Charge up to 25% faster with the Solar Boost Mode.
  • Stop, start, and monitor charging via the mySolarEdge app.
  • No dedicated circuit breaker required in home panel, reducing need for main panel upgrades.


Control and track all your energy production and usage from a single app.

  • Keep bills low and see the savings with real-time monitoring & alerts.
  • View and manage all energy devices, like SolarEdge Home EV Chargers/Batteries.
  • Connect to a growing line of SolarEdge Home smart energy devices.

Built to Outlast

Protecting your investment where it matters most


SolarEdge Systems

Typical Systems


25 years

Power Optimizers

25 Years Microinverters or switches

Wall Equipment

Up to

25 years

10 Years Backup Interface

5-10 Years Combiner boxes or Inverters



at 10 years

60% at 10 Years with additional power cycle or discharge limitations

EV Charger

5 years

1-3 Years

Transfer Fees

No fees!


Up to $250

Built to Outlast

Protecting your investment where it matters most

Smart Energy Incentive Programs

Saving you real $’s off your system. See which programs are available in your area.


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